Keyboard shortcuts on steroids

About HyperKeys

Unleash the power of your keyboard by letting you bind ANY action to a shortcut.

It's open-source and fully extendable. You can code you own actions or use one from the community !

How it works

HyperKeys allows you to map any keyboard shortcut to a specific action.
Pre-defined actions are available, or you can create your own.

  1. Choose an action in the config screen e.g. Run command
  2. Set the shortcut you want to use e.g. ALT+SHIFT+F
  3. Add extra config if needed e.g. "firefox"

Configuration screen

How people are using HyperKeys

Navigate across windows with Pin Window

"I have a lot of windows open all the time, and I must often navigate from one to another.
I configured HyperKeys to switch to a particular window with a shortcut of my choosing. No more frustration or time lost with a wrong ALT-TAB."

Find My Phone with IFTTT Webhook

"I keep losing my phone. With HyperKeys, I made a shortcut to call IFTTT and call my Phone on Telegram."

Boost Productivity with Run Command

"As a designer, I'm using multiple mini tools on a daily basis. I mapped each of them to a shortcut, and now I'm running them without even leaving the PDF I'm looking at. My work flow is much more fluid now!"

Make your desk pet-friendly 🐱 with Run Command

"My cat loves to sleep on my laptop keyboard when I'm working. Since I use an external one, I wrote a script to disable it with ALT+K on-demand. My beloved pet can now sleep well without any mistype."

... and more !

HyperKeys is Open-Source and Community-driven, which means you can create and share your own actions.
The actions online store is coming soon.

Unleash your keyboard now